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To work at QMC is to always be connected and have “orange blood” running through your veins. Are you ready to be part of this #movementforconnectivity?


Be part of our #orangeteam and help build connections!

Headquartered in Puerto Rico and with offices in Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Peru and the United States, QMC is a fast-growing telecommunications infrastructure company that wants to change the world through connectivity.

We have a very important calling: to enable connectivity, solution by solution, at the highest levels of performance.

To do this, we work as a team, without personal egos. The success of our customers depends on our collective efforts, driven by excellent individual performance. We are smartly frugal and entrepreneurial, and we maintain a constant sense of urgency. We are obsessed with solving our customers’ problems and strive for long-term sustainable success in everything we do, always focused on achieving our strategic goals.

Why do our QMCers enjoy working here so much?

At QMC, we offer meaningful projects, career development, transparency and, of course, many victories! And we always celebrate all of our achievements together, with a lot of #proudtobeqmc.


“Your potential in the right place”: QMC Telecom allows you to exploit your strengths and generate new opportunities in your daily work, providing professional growth to achieve your own satisfaction, motivating you to give the best of yourself in synergy with the mission and vision of QMC ” .

Camilo Correa


“I am proud to say that I work at QMC: here we all work for a common benefit and always thinking about doing things the right way. For the company the most important thing is the employees and we feel this way in each of the decisions that they make thinking in our well-being. “

Paula Giraldo


“I joined QMC in May 2019 and I can say that my experience has been enriching. The multiculturalism of the company and the opportunity to work with teams in different countries and on different projects is what I value the most because every day I learn something new. “

Maria Paula Caicedo


“QMC has given me the opportunity to develop the operations area and thanks to this I have grown professionally: like everyone else, I have made mistakes and unlike many companies, in QMC mistakes are a learning process, the result of this is the trust that our leaders deposit in each one of their collaborators. “

Jaime Vasqez


“Dynamism, learning and growth describe what working at QMC has meant to me. At QMC the language of service excellence is spoken, not only in service to our customers, but also within the company. This makes the work environment at QMC one of service and camaraderie. “

Ana Torres


“For me it has been an excellent experience working at QMC! This is the most rewarding job I have ever had in my life. Thanks to him I have grown, I have imagined and my ideas have come true. I look back and the evolution is incredible. “

Julio Chalela


QMC’s mission is “To win the trust of our customers, solution by solution, with the best delivery and reliability”. QMC’s vision is to “Promote Growth”, “Enable Connectivity” and “Solve Client Needs ”.

QMC values are:
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Act with Integrity
  • Smartly Frugal
  • Results Driven
  • No Ego
  • Client Obsessed
  • Built to Last

QMC operates in the area of telecommunications infrastructure. All of our solutions aim to bring connectivity to users and enterprises.

QMC was founded in Puerto Rico, where its headquarters are located. Jose Stella and Rafael Somoza, founders of QMC, were also born in Puerto Rico.


José Stella and Rafael Somoza are Co-founders and Co-CEOs of QMC.


Today we are a multinational American company with a presence in five countries: Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, and the United States.


QMC’s customers are all the major mobile operators and connectivity companies in the countries where we operate.


QMC offers telecommunications infrastructure solutions:

  • Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) for indoor environments
  • Street Level Solutions (SLS) for high-traffic areas
  • Telecommunications towers and camouflaged sites for outdoor coverage

We strongly believe in the importance of bonding – candidate & company, company & candidate. Connectivity rules the QMC culture: it is the #orangeblood that we have running through our veins that motivates us every day at work. We want to find people who share our values, who believe in our mission and are connected with our vision. Above all, we want to work with people who are human, transparent and respectful; people who know how to work as a team and are or have the potential to be experts in their field of activity.


The opportunity to work with engaged, humble people in a place where victories are celebrated with epic happy hours. At QMC, people are encouraged to bring innovative solutions to day-to-day problems instead of being limited to strictly doing what their boss asked them to do.